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Important Dog Information

Does your dog have any of the following problems?

* Loose or wet faeces
* Itchy skin or paws
* Smelly breath or body
* Hyperactive behaviour
* Insatiable appetite
* Itchy Anal Glands

These problems are often caused by feeding the leading brands of dog foods bought from the supermarket because of the following reasons:

1) They contain no genuine meat. Generally the ingredients will state that they contain between four and eight per cent meat and animal derivatives. This can often mean that indigestible feathers or other parts of the carcass are used.

2) They contain a high percentage of cereals and glutens. A dog's body can only absorb about 30% of the cereals it eats, hence so much coming out the other end as waste. These also cause issues with scratching and smells as his body can't break down these unusual carbohydrates.

3) High levels of colourings, sugars and salts are put in to make the food tastier for them, but these can worsen his behaviour. Just imagine how a child might behave if you fed them on sweets and fizzy pop all day. The high levels of sugars can also cause a build up of tartar and plaque on his teeth.

How can you make your dog healthier and happier?

Feed him on a good quality food on advice from experts. One food we recommend is James Wellbeloved

* Kibble sizes for either, mini, medium and large breed dogs to encourage chewing and dental care.

* Highly digestible human grade Turkey; Lamb; Duck or Fish, resulting in smaller, compact faeces.

* An option of vegetable based foods for very sensitive dogs to cut down on skin irritations.

* All senior foods have chondroitin and glucosamine to keep joints healthy.

* Hypoallergenic - no cereals, glutens, colours or sugars. Just a very tasty, healthy food!

* Full money back satisfaction guarantee on all 2Kg Bags

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